Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Family Doonesbury.

You know your friend has made it when the subject of his muckraking book shows up in the frames of Doonesbury. Super nice, Jeff Sharlet.

Of course appearances on Rachel Maddow and Bill Maher are impressive too.


GOP, Look at Yourself.

Blogger JR at DailyKos posts this image and asks the GOP to look at themselves. Here is a young boy calling the first black president of the US a monkey.

This is not an example of democracy at work. This is a racist, shameful example of the baser elements within our society scaring themselves into a frenzy of willful ignorance, lies, deceit, and violence.


Reformers Plan How to Combat the Hooligans.

From TPM. The site also has a new health care newswire you should sign up for if, like me, you're committed to supporting radical, beneficial, sensical change to how we care for our health in this country.

And Reich reminding us of where the organizing forces behind the Teashirts (as Josh Marshall is calling them) is coming from.