Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Epic Epic Stupid Stupid.

39% of Americans want government to stay out of medicare.

6% don't think Hawaii is a state.

38% don't think Obama was born in America.

We are a democracy. How the fuck can we function when more than one third of our population doesn't know that medicare is a government program?!

Are we so wealthy and comfortable that we have given up on political participation?

The Truth Comes Out!

Now that the euthanasia claim in article 1233 of the proposed medical bill has been thoroughly debunked – and dropped - “pro-life” doctors have this week come out saying that end-of-life counseling is a necessary part of medical care but that they are opposed to such discussions including assisted suicide where it is legal, in Oregon, Washington, and Montana.

In other words, opposition is not to elective, paid counseling sessions for seniors under the new plan, but to legal assisted suicide in three states.

"Will it include a presentation of assisted suicide as an option in states where it is legal – or perhaps in all states?" asks Senior Vice President of the Christian Medical and Dental Association (CMDA), Gene Rudd, MD.

By conflating end-of-life care and assisted suicide, the media and "pro-life" movement have done American seniors an enormous disservice.