Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Must-Read Site!

OpenCongress.org. Everything you need to know about your government. Use it! And don't miss their amazing race tracker section.

For instance, you want to know what's happening in PA in 2010? Here you go!

PS No disrespect to Arlen, but how old is that photo?

PSS Go Joe Sestak! More info here and here.


This Explains Everything.

I fell in love on Sunday, head-over-heels, with the most beautiful man in the entire world. A man of my dreams: Intelligent, witty, kind, independent, with great lips. I was dreaming of walks in the park, shared books, and telephone calls for no reason. But by Monday I had lost all hope because that is what I do and because an object struck Jupiter, my ruling planet. And today is Tuesday already.

Wednesday Update: But what is life if you're not falling in love every day? Same person or not? The bruise on Jupiter was the size of the Pacific Ocean! And did you know about 1994?